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If you are an architect, designer, real estate agent or property owner who’s tried to get great architectural shots of a design project or of a new property, for your website, property listing or personal use, then you know how challenging it can be to find a good photographer. Even after you’ve hired someone to produce images for you, then comes the task of managing a photo shoot, which if you have never done before, can be a daunting task of it’s own. And let’s face it, as a design professional or busy realtor yourself, you don’t really have the time to learn all about advertising photography, art direction or how a shoot is run.
If any of this sounds like a situation you’ve been in or you’re in need of hiring a professional photographer but aren’t sure how to go about that, this guide is here to help. Think of it as a quick primer, full of tips and tricks taught by a photographer on what you, the client can do, to first make sure you’re hiring a pro and secondly, make sure you have a great photo shoot experience and come out with the images you want on the other side. The more you know about what to look for when hiring a photographer and how to manage your shoot, the smoother everything will run and the happier you’ll be with the final results.

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