Corporate Event Video Service Singapore.

Need a video coverage for your corporate event?

Your company is organizing and event. Maybe it's your annual dinner and dance party, or a gala dinner for your clients and you need the event to be recorded for your archives. Well, we are your BEST go-to solution.

Why do I need it?

An entertained audience is an engaged audience. When your audience is having fun, they retain information, remember your message, and connect with your brand on an emotional level.
We specialize in creating the kinds of connections that ensure your brand will stand out in the minds of your audience. We are a skilled and highly experienced event video production company with decades of combined experience in custom video concept development.

Well, these are just a few reasons why you need a professional videographer to capture your event. To encapsulate the essence of your event so that you can use it for future event wraps, or a feature presentation at your closing party or dinner.
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Relive the Spirit of your event.

With us, you are able to relive the spirit of your corporate event through a well-produced, engaging video highlight. We will help you to revive those moments in a professionally shot and creatively edited video package. There is much that goes on at an event and you may forget about it sooner than you think, let alone recalling the finer details like your table centerpiece, decoration of the ballroom or even the location of your event. Wouldn't it be great to have everything recorded beautifully?
Studio Five Corp The Media Group has years and years of experience producing and shooting events of all scale, so whether you are staging an event for 10K guests or just a small group of 20, our highly trained videographers will capture that for you. Not only we are trained to shoot beautifully, we are also people-persons. We also believe in uniqueness and that no TWO events are alike. We will sit down with you to discuss about your event prior to the day to ensure all those special activities and moments are captured forever. We aspire to deliver brilliant footage every single time and that is why, we never fail to have recurring clients every single year.
With no chances for retakes, it is important to get it right the first time round, every time. Our approach of our event videography is what keeps our client relationships last beyond many years and attract new clients who believe in our ability to visually showcase their messages. Our experience with large-scale events deploying up to 10 videographers island-wide demonstrates our ability to plan and coordinate, while ensuring quality production. Believe in us. Enquire now.

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