Employer Branding Video in Singapore.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the identity of a company as a n employer choice. It is the company's ability to differentiate and promote this identity to a defined group of candidates that you are interested in hiring. Most importantly, it is EVERYTHING that makes you stand out!

Why does Employer Branding matter?

Marketing your organization is pretty much like contact sport. You are trading blows with your competition every day for market share and top talents! Your reputation and visibility among potential clients is important for attracting new businesses and revenue opportunities.
In fact, Employer Branding is so important that a recent study found that 41 percent of companies have formal employer branding initiatives, in this instance, an Employer Branding Video. Furthermore, 94 percent of firms plan to increase their investment in this area. This is so because, a good employer brand will help you in these aspects; Recruiting new talents, Retaining your best Employees, Giving satisfaction to your employees, good work culture and lastly, your financial performance. When your employer brand is well established, it will produce a higher quantity of quality applicants more quickly.
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How to build your Employer Brand

Companies can cultivate and guide their employer brand through
messaging but they cannot totally control it.
Your brand boils down to what candidates think about your company.
The best way to send the message out is through VIDEO.
In this war for talent, candidates have tons of questions as they consider a potential employer. Your employer branding videos can provide these answers and motivate them to apply! By showcasing an inside look into your culture and workforce, candidates who share the same values will be more inclined to apply and ask better, more insightful questions during interviews. The Employer Branding videos we produce will show the world your best people, facilities and highlight your company culture. With video representing 74% of online traffic, video content is indeed a critical platform to enhance your company reputation and attract top talents.
If you are on the fence, let us help. At this day and age, top talents are difficult to find. With great employer branding, it becomes easy! We make them find you! 94% recruiters think that hiring will be more competitive in the years to come. Therefore, this is definitely an essential tool for companies trying to stand out from the crowd and attract top candidates. Stop spending money on expensive job ads credits. Empower your brand. NOW!

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